New Year red packets from OKA7140

New Year red packets from OKA7140

What’s the good news?

Please refer to following analysis chart: Malaysia stock OKA 7140

Malaysia shares OKA 7140

On 29 August 2014, the OKA’s share price dropped sharply from RM1.00 to the lowest price RM0.52; a dropped of almost 50%, followed by the sell signal appearance.

Soon after, Bottom signal found the lowest price of OKA, and OLA indicated upward trend of this stock. This indicator creates an opportunity for you to pick OKA at its lowest price.

Its ability to find the lowest price, high and low points, the right timing of entry and exit, and to predict the market future trend and so on is the potent abilities of INSIDERS!

An investment on INSIDERS software is worthy and can bring you huge returns continuously.

If you are interested on our investment software – INSIDERS, feel free to contact us.

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