Ready to Arbitrage China Stock KANGMEI PHARMACEUTICAL (SH600518)

Ready to Arbitrage China Stock KANGMEI PHARMACEUTICAL (SH600518)


  • A Chinese herbal pharmaceutical which monopolizes 85% of China Market.
  • There are 5 main Chinese herbal wholesalers and KANGMEI accounted 4 of them.
  • KANGMEI is the largest  among the Chinese herbal pharmaceutical in China.

Earlier on, KANGMEI’s (SH600518) share price rose dramatically and did you seize the opportunity to make a fortune?

Ready to Arbitrage China Stock KANGMEI PHARMACEUTICAL (SH600518)

Based on the chart shown, before KANGMEI’s (SH600518) share price rose sharply, INSIDERS’s BUY signal has already existed. Therefore, investors have the sufficient time to purchase this stock!

Attention all investors:
From the chart above, with OLA signal as a reference, KANGMEI (SH600518) share price has exceeded the OLA curve (four grey lines). This indicate that investors must be prepared to take profits by selling it.

OLA (4 grey lines) functions:

  • Let you know the future trends in advance.
  • Help you to capture the high or low points of a stock price

From now on, you don’t need to worry or having trouble of buying high and selling low your stocks.

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