Why Public Bank share keeps dropping

Why Public Bank share keeps dropping

Many investors are optimistic about the Malaysia’s blue chip PBBANK 1295.

Can the buying of blue chips definitely make money? Not necessary so!

Do you notice that most of the time, despite the company’s good performances, the share price still plunged? Even though the company total profits are low, the stock price still keep rising instead? Sounds impracticable? But this is actually what often happens in the stock market worldwide.

In view of this, only the rich will buy blue chip stock, while small investors find difficulties affording to buy. Thus, this does not seem like a proper financial planning. Does it increase or depreciate its value?

To the rich, please re-evaluate this for yourself!

For long-term investors, the majority will choose to invest in blue chips, as the blue chips have stable earnings records, dispatching regularly favorable dividends to them. The long-term investment is like a permanent investment that generate income annually. Factually, is this concept correct? They might even feel that buy timing is inconsequential!

Like this Public Bank blue chip stock, within these six months a lot of people is still buying it but its price keeps dropping.

Malaysia stock PBBANK 1295

Does these investors consider the correct buy timing ?

Is this the right investment method to apply?

Currently, buying more Public Bank shares, means more losses! In other words, wrong timing…

The purpose of investing is making money not to lose money.

In fact, whether it is a blue-chip or not, if the stock prices keep falling, then why buy?

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