Reap profits from the declining in Forex pair EURUSD

If you are not academically inclined, not a professional and does not come from a well to do family and is not eager to slot your entire life working; a pathway to richness is to choose Forex for investment!

Is the statement above true?

Investing in Forex depends on its trends, if the trend moves downward, buy SHORT and as the price drops further you earn correspondingly more!

The main point to capitalize is on the trend movements before it starts to decline; meaning that you must know the trend movements in advance and not otherwise, as by then, it will be worthless to know.


As an example based on the chart shown: At that time EURUSD currency price was at 1.2503. If you predict that the trend will move downward, then you buy SHORT and hold. By now, you would have earned 1,336 pips.

The main differences between investing in the Forex and stock market is that, in the stock market you can only buy when it is up and not down; while in Forex investment you can buy either up or down.

If you invest in Forex pair EURUSD; even if you buy drop, you can also make profit …

The advantage in investing in the Forex market is that irrespective whether it is a bull or bear market, you have the even chance of making a profit.

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