S&P 500 Index is one of the three major US stock indices

S&P 500 Index is one of the three major U.S. stock indices.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index (S&P 500) is the greatest trading volume index futures in the U.S. market.

What strategies are most investors using in trading S&P 500?

Technical analysis? Fundamental analysis? Research company reports? Based on newspaper news? Or by following insider tips?

Basing on the listed methods above, when do you consider the best conducive period to enter S&P 500 Index? Do you know how much time is required just to do the analysis? Are you assured that the methods you are using can provide you the correct timing to enter the market?

S&P 500

Now compare the chart below; does your strategies give the accurate and quick entry and exit timing? How long does it take you to analyse it? 3 seconds, 3 minutes, or 30 minutes?

S&P 500

Having identified the timing, when is the favorable period to enter the market?
The following chart will give you an idea:

S&P 500 -3

When the price is low, the turning point (Tipping Point) will appear , notifying you to enter; conversely, the sell signal will appear when the price is high; alerting you to sell.

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