Malaysia Bornoil-WB Share Growing Fast

Malaysia Bornoil-WB Share Growing Fast from past 5 weeks!

For the past 5 weeks until recently, Bornoil-WB share price has surged continuously and show future growth potentials. Prior to this, did you enter the market? Were you convinced and aware that this share has growth potentials?

You will definitely buy if you knew you can earned profit of 111%! Are you regretting now?

Malaysia Bornoil-WB chart

Based on the chart above, Bornoil-WB share price increased approximately 211% (From RM0.35 to RM0.74).

With INSIDERS, it will show you the best buy timing to enter the market by providing the buy signal (Green Bar) at RM0.35, and to withhold your shares until today (RM0.74); earning approximately profit of 111%.

For example, if you bought 100 lots (10,000 units) of shares;
Buying Price: (100 lots x 100 units) x RM0.35 = RM 3,500
Selling Price: (100 lots x 100 units) x RM0.74 = RM 7,400
Profit :             RM 7,400 – RM 3,500                = RM 3,900
Within a short period, you would have earned more than a worker one month salary!

You can still earn more as indicated by OLA uptrends prediction. OLA predicted the share price will surge highest around RM0.84 and lowest RM 0.75 in the coming few weeks.

INSIDERS can alert you in advance to enter and exit the market. If you have the guidance of INSIDERS to enter the market, you could have earned up to two or three times profit  or more until the next sell signal.

This is possible with INSIDERS! You no longer need to monitor your shares all night, as INSIDERS will filter the profitable shares and provide you with buy-sell signals. INSIDERS can alert you in advance to enable you to make an early decision the best timing to enter and exit the market again!

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