Success or failure in investment depends on stock selections

Success or failure in investment depends on stock selections —— Tenaga (5347)

Currently the overall performance of Malaysian stock market looks bleak as the shares continue to fall.
However, Tenaga share is different, as the stock price is on the rise!

There are two main factors resulting in people selling and buying their shares: Greed and Fear.

When Greed overwhelm Fear, the stock prices will rise. Conversely, when Fear overwhelm Greed, the stock price will fall. This principle has perpetuated for years.

How can we foretell the trend of a share?

The following is a Malaysian share – Tenaga (5347)’s chart:

Malaysian share Tenaga 5347
Tenaga (5347) is moving against the Malaysian market trend and is rising.

Besides the share price trend, choosing the right timing to trade to reap higher profits is vital.

Then how to determine the right timing for trading – buy & sell ?

1. OLA layout the trends. OLA is in an upward position, indicating that the stock is in an upward trend. Investors must be readied and wait for the right timing to enter the market.

2. When the BUY signal appears, and ENTER the market if the share price continue to rise on the next day.

3. (Select ONE between the TWO)
(A) Based on the SELL signal to exit and BUY signal to enter into the market. When the stock price is positioned at the top of OLA, the SELL signal will appear and then EXIT the market, if the price continue to DROP on the next day, and vise versa, when the BUY signal appears OR;

(B) Withhold the share and not to exit from the market. As the OLA signal has predicted the stock price is on the uptrend.

In conclusion, the selection of right shares to invest is important to keep you on the right path to success.

INSIDERS Stock Scanner helps you to track stocks/ shares invested by the Fund Manager and Syndicates and provide you the convenience in shares / stocks selections.

If you pick the right shares on the uptrend you can earn easy money; conversely if you select a down trend share, you would lose substantially.

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