Malaysia stock – AEON stock analysis

Malaysia stock – AEON stock analysis

Malaysia stock AEON



Malaysia’s largest shopping mall AEON’s stock analysis.

A good trading stock is one whose stock price would rise after the purchased, on the condition that you enter the market at the correct buy timing.

So when is the best timing to buy AEON stock in a bear market?

The figure below is an analysis chart of AEON during the 6 months period:

Malaysia stock AEON is not a suitable time to buy now.
Malaysia stock AEON

According to the chart, after sell signal appears on June 24, 2014 AEON shares start dropping from its peak price to RM3.00.

Don’t be deceive that the stock price is quite low now and is conducive to enter the market to buy. It does not mean that the stock will increase soon, as the price may fall further, thus leading to inevitable losses.

OLA has indicated a downward trend. Although some buy signals may appear, but the trend is still in a decline stage.

Investment advice: Wait until OLA predicts future trend rise coupled with buy signals; only then enter the market to buy low and hold.

The primary investment principle is: Never lose money at the expense of the principal capital to earn more money.

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