Taiwan stock Gintech Energy Corp price on the downturn

Taiwan stock Gintech Energy Corp (3514: Taiwan) price on the downturn

Taiwan stock Gintech Energy Corp (3514) stock price has been on the downturned since June 2014 until today.

It is definitely a loss to those who invested in Gintech stock during these 6 months.

“Buying stocks needs to be fast and accurate” – FatnRich.com

Before investing, the first priority to consider is… timing.

If the timing is inappropriate, why enter the market?

Gintech Energy Corp 3514

Sell signals has appeared as early as June 12, 2014 to remind investors to take the opportunity to sell high at that point of time. Acting in accordance with OLA which shows a downward trend, investors can abstain entering the market which might results in losses.

If you do not know how to analyze stocks and enter the market when the share prices are falling, you might incur heavy losses.

In the stock market, timing is very important and crucial as it determines your future financial freedom!

Question: Do you know how to determine the correct market timing?

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