Using FKLI as leeway against GST

Using FKLI as leeway against GST

Our country price adjustments to increase revenue with the implementation of GST is creating havoc in our people’s daily life.

On 1st April 2015, the Good & Service Taxes was enforced.

This causes most goods to be levied with GST, thus leading to price increases in our daily needs, resulting in a lot of miseries to the people especially the fixed-income workers.

Everything like petrol oil, properties, utility bills are increasing, but salary remains static.

Before the implementation of GST, many people take advantage to buy and store the necessary daily items. However, this is not the best but just a temporary solution.

What we need is not saving but earning more. In other words, using lesser time to earn more money, rather than working the long normal hours. An alternative leeway to a new source of income is through Futures’ investment!

Example: Malaysia Futures (FKLI)

Malaysia Futures (FKLI)

Futures market is a two-way market, where investors can go for short or long to make profits.

Unlike Futures market, Stock market is a one-way market, where investors can only earn from stocks which are rising but not dropping. At such, when the market condition is bad, investors can only wait for the right timing to sell/buy and in the meanwhile earn nothing.

Where else in Futures, irrespective of market situations ( good or bad ), investors can still make money.

Investors can ‘long’ when market is good and ‘short’ when market is bad.

From the INSIDERS chart shown, by using the SPICY CHILLI signal together with RICH signals, Futures investment is not a hassled!

Investment Period: 28 October 2014 – 8 April 2015 (6 months)

Investment Strategy: Buy and hold

Capital: RM 5000 / Contracts

The total number of points earned: 518 points

Pip size: RM50 / pip

The total amount earned: 518 points x RM 50 = RM 25, 900 (6 months)

INSIDERS is simple and easy with high accuracy signals, therefore you are able to invest in Futures by “Buy & Hold” Strategy.

To learn more about our investment system, please contact: 012-475 7723 / 012-401 7723

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