Why are people researching new investment formulae?

Why are people researching new investment formulae?

In investment, the most common investment methods most people used are fundamental analysis or technical analysis.


1. Does fundamental analysis method still feasible? Which is more reliable, historical news or upcoming news?

2. For traditional technical analysis formulae, why is it there are still so much false signals?

Solution :

Reference to the above questions, have you ever pondered over its versatility?

Reference example :

Chart below: Malaysia stock Mieco Chipboard Bhd  5001

Malaysia stock Mieco Chipboard Bhd  5001

INSIDERS investment software usage: (simple & easy)

According to SPICY CHILLI signal revealed by INSIDERS, it allows you to buy in at the lowest possible price level; sell out at the highest possible price level in order to gain profits from it.

Most importantly, one does not need to spend too much time and energy in conducting analysis.

At the same time, OLA shows the future trends of the stock movements either a rise, fall or stagnation; thus allowing you an advance preparation to decide what to do next.

Investment Tips:

From the best-selling book “Creating Wealth in Stock Market” :
It will hurt one badly if one uses time and money to exchange / gain experience in the stock market!

The best way is: To learn from peoples’ experiences at the shortest time.

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