When to exit Malaysia Stock Wintoni (0141)?

When to exit Malaysia Stock Wintoni (0141)?

Based on the shown chart below, Malaysia stock Wintoni (0141) started making profits when first listed in the market.

When to exit Malaysia Stock Wintoni (0141)?

During the interim waiting period, the signals provided by INSIDERS helps you to save time while waiting for the stock price to rise (saving approximately 4 months).

It allows you the right timing to enter the market and reap profits from it.

Buy when buy signal appear the next day showing the stock price increase, slowly boosting up from 7 ¢ to 34.5¢ (approximately 500% of amplitude).

When to exit Malaysia Stock Wintoni (0141)?

Extracts from the best-selling book ‘Creating Wealth in Stock Market,’

Anti – market to win

Anti – market perceptions and modes of operations:

  1. When people feel despair, you should be bold.
  2. When people hesitate, you have to be decisive
  3. When people go frenzy, you should have clarity
  4. When there are few people avoiding, you should be approaching
  5. When people are pursuing, you should be deserting

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