Depending On Salary Alone is Not Enough!

Depending On Salary Alone is Not Enough!

“Plans can never correspond with changes, changes can never harmonize  with your employers’ words.”

In Malaysia [Plans]  salary increases, cannot keep up in tandem with changes in Inflation rate.

Worse still…. infuriating words from your boss may make you an unemployed.

Definitely a struggle for a wage earner.

More frightening is yet to come!

Good and Service Tax (GST) is to be implemented very soon come this April!

Phone reload cards, home appliances, computers, movie tickets, etc, all will be levied GST!

That’s why for a Malaysian to rely on one source of income is insufficient!

Anxious to increase your income sources but lack ideas?

Then, let’s start to invest in FOREX.

Please refer to the following chart: USDJPY

Depending On Salary Alone is Not Enough! Forex USDJPY

Based on the SPICY CHILLI signals provided by INSIDERS, we go for SHORT (Sell) when the red empty dot appears, until the next red full dot appears.

When the red full dot appears, we close the SHORT position, then open the LONG position and hold it until the next red empty dot exists.

Is as simple as ABC, use red EMPTY dot to do SHORT and red FULL dot to do LONG.

According to the chart shown, investors just need to follow the SPICY CHILLI signals to arbitrage almost 1, 836 pips without any difficulties!

This is an easy and pressure free investment strategy:

  • Doesn’t require whole day monitoring.
  • No relying on news
  • No fundamental and technical analysis require
  • Require only small capital

At such, you don’t need to quit your current job to earn an extra income!

Interested to know more?

You are welcomed to discover more about INSIDERS FOREX ——the Forex Trading Software.

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